Natalie MacMahon

Natalie has written & directed several short films including "The Man Who Couldn't Cry", "Like A Summer Sonata", "Lola wants to see the sea", "'It's getting darker every day", "A Universal Love Story", which have all been screened at numerous international film festivals and won several awards. 


Director of Photography     

Amber Palmer

Amber has also filmed Natalie's previous films "A Universal Love Story", "It's getting darker every day", "Lola wants to see the sea" and "Like A Summer Sonata".

She works a a DOP and photographer in Europe and the USA.

Foley & Original Music               

Jacopo Vannini

Jacopo has also composed the music for Natalie's previous films "A Universal Love Story" and "Like A Summer Sonata". Jacopo is working as an audio & music editor, foley artist, sound designer, dubbing engineer, producer, composer & arranger.


Sound Recording                     

Marc Hönninger

Marc has been working with Natalie for a couple of years now. Being based in Berlin and Peru, he works as a freelance sound designer and musician.



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