How does the Safetrip Agency work?

“Safetrip- call us anytime, from anywhere- cause it’s just not that safe anymore out there!”- states the slogan of the “Safetrip agency” and that explains the concept pretty well. In a world in the not too distant future, where walking around on the streets on your own has become extremely dangerous, people use this service to make sure they get back home safely.

How does it work exactly? Let’s see what it says on the “Safetrip” website:

It’s very simple: if you are own your own, trying to get somewhere and you don’t feel safe, all you have to do is call the “Safetrip Hotline” and one of our experienced “Safetrip” employees will be your guide for your trip. All GPS data from your phone is scanned automatically and after you told your “Safetrip” guide your final destination, he will follow your route while having a casual conversation, according to your wishes and needs.

Many people prefer to call the same employee for every trip as they feel like talking to a real friend after a few conversations. “Safetrip” will not just bring you home safely, but will also fulfill your need to talk to another human being- we don’t use any robots!

In case of emergency, your “Safetrip” guide will have told you a secret password at the beginning of the conversation. And don’t forget, we know at all times where you are and can send one of our security guards any time to make sure we keep our promise to keep you safe.

Become a “Safetrip” member for just 9.99 per month and start feeling safe again on your way back home!


Agent Cloyd

Cloyd wants to be prepared for all future eventualities, especially the end of the world, which he is sure is going to come very soon. He always has a suitcase packed, ready to take off at all times. To keep his nerves under control, he constantly chews chewing gums- an addiction that is slowly taking over his life. During the day- even at work- he listens to his world receiver, trying to make sure that he doesn’t miss out on any news, which he writes down in his special “end of the world diary”.


Agent Faye

Faye is extremely sensitive and constantly about everyone and everything around her. For her working in the “Safetrip” agency is not just a job, but her calling. She wants to help people and make a difference in the world. During her job interview she even offered to work for free, while everyone else tried to negotiate a higher salary. Faye collects rare flowers in a herbarium and likes being creative with her colouring books when she is not busy helping people.


Agent Ricky

Ricky is disciplined at work, but doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure. He only communicates with his co-workers when absolutely necessary, but mainly talks and interacts with his mannequin “Letitia”, with whom he believes to be in a relationship with. She means everything to him and Ricky can get quite jealous when other men are looking at her, which he thinks happens all the time.


Agent Elva

Elva is an extremely spiritual person, who believes in supernatural things. She is the only one who got a special permission, that allows her to wear her “Mermaid outfit” instead of the official “Safetrip uniform”. She wants to feel free to express herself and who she believes to be. Elva goes through different phases, but at the moment, she thinks she has been reborn as a mermaid and spends all of her free time in the water, experiencing the moment.


Agent Cinda

Cinda is hyper-sensitive to any kind of dirt and bacteria, which is why she constantly wears special gloves that protect her from the environment. Whenever she has a free minute, she takes care of her electronic pet. Cinda has a very close relationship to this pet in the shape of a dog, which she calls “Haniko”. It is the only family she has, which makes her worry about Haniko’s well-being constantly. To keep her mood neutral, she takes colourful pills every day, that lift her mood. Cinda thinks without these pills she would fall into a deep depression, because the world has become too cruel and life nothing but hopeless.